Neo Industrial Plc follows the insider guidelines of NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd. The company also has its own insider guidelines.

According to the Finnish Securities Market Act, the Company's permanent insiders include, according to the Finnish Securities Markets Act, the members of the Board of Directors, the President and CEO, the members of the Management Team and the auditor. The company maintains a permanent company-specific insider register in addition to the public insider register and a project-specific insider register. Persons employed by the company who regularly receive insider information on their position or duties constitute the company's permanent company-specific insider. Hearing insiders include persons who work on behalf of a work or other contract and obtain information on the project.

Permanent insiders may not trade in the company's shares between the end of the reporting period and the publication of the interim report. The trading of project-specific insiders in company shares is prohibited until the project expires or is publicized.

The maintenance of Neo Industrial's insider register is under the supervision of the President and CEO. The company holds its insider registers in the SIRE system of Euroclear Finland Oy.