Sustainability is an essential part of our strategy

Responsibility and building a sustainable future are central to our strategy, our business and our daily work. Our values, strategy and operating principles underlie our responsible operations. We take responsibility for our employees, our customers, our owners, our environment and our society.

By reducing energy consumption in the cable industry, we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and assist achieving international emission goals.

We want to be a good employer that provides a safe work environment. We collaborate with schools and are involved in supporting the local community.

We are a long-term and responsible partner for our customers in the cable industry that uses environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

To minimize the environmental impact and reduce waste, we invest in the development of production technology. We also work closely with machinery and raw material suppliers to improve energy efficiency and minimize the usage of raw materials.

Our own impact on the environment is minor. The major environmental impacts in our operations are related to the energy consumption, that we seek to optimize.