Nestor Cables - Part of a strong and high-quality Finnish cable construction tradition

Nestor Cables develops, manufactures and markets optical and copper telecommunications cables, as well as industrial cables and fiber optic cable accessories. The product range also includes various instrumentation cables, such as those used in data centers and oil refineries, as well as special optical and field cables for border and access control. In addition to cables, Nestor supplies installation materials under the NesCon-brand and other specialty solutions for variety of customer needs.

Nestor cables has a very strong market position in Finland, and its main markets are Europe, the Baltics, the USA and the Middle East and East Africa. Nestor cable employs around 100 people.

The roots of Nestor Cables go back to the days of Nokia Cables. The production plant in Oulu was launched in 2008. It produces and delivers yearly from 60 000 to 80 000 cable kilometers worldwide, depending on the product range.

Sales and marketing operations to abroad are concentrated in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, and sales in Finland and in the Baltic countries are concentrated in Oulu. Representatives are located in the Balkans, Sweden and Norway, as well as in the Middle East, Algeria and the USA.

Nestor Cables is a member of the Cable Manufacturers' Association Europacable.

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