Reka Cables - Largest Finnish Cable Manufacturer

Neo Industrial owns Reka Cables which manufactures cables for the industry, construction, power distribution and equipment manufacturers. The main markets of Reka Cables are the Nordics, the Baltics and Russia. The number of employees is about 260.

The greatest strengths of Reka Cables are close and long-lasting co-operation with customers, strong market knowledge, customer-tailored product development, as well as continuous development of production methods.

Reka Cables is the largest Finnish cable manufacturer with product range from 75 W Instrumentation Cables to 170 kW High Voltage Cables. The production plants are located in Keuruu, Riihimäki and Hyvinkää. The company has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Russia. Reka Cables develops products under five brand-names:

FlameRex- Keski ja suurjännitekaapelit
Fire resistant cables
Dry Rex
Medium & high voltage cables
Halogen free cables
PowerRex- verkonasennuskaapelit
Network power cables
Reka - vakiokaapelit logo
Standard cables

The Keuruu plant manufactures installation, control, connection and data transmission cables. A significant part of the plant's production is fire-resistant and halogen free cables, which are suitable for critical areas where large number of people are present and where evacuation in the event of a fire is difficult. Keuruu also manages common copper wire drawing of all factories, and the modern logistics center sends the finished products to the customers as agreed.

The Riihimäki plant manufactures medium and high voltage cables using the latest technology. Riihimäki's production plant has invested in underground cables in the recent years, which ensure electricity even during storms.

The Hyvinkää plant specializes in manufacturing 1 kW power cables, most of which go to underground cabling in the low-voltage network. Awareness of climate change has vastly brought up the use of wind power as a source of energy. The production plant in Hyvinkää produces control cables for wind turbine structures and feed cables from the windmill to the substation.

Reka Cables is an active player in society. The company participates in Wellbeing Through Electricity - Vision 2030 project and is an active member of Europacable

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