Digitalization, urbanization, decentralized energy production and weather-resistant electricity supply are growing trends that affect the development of society as a whole, infrastructure building, and the safety and well-being of people.

Electricity is the most environmentally friendly energy source and most of the new environmentally-friendly solutions work electrically. Neo Industrial strives to invest in companies that promote the development of high-quality electrical solutions in the light of megatrends and environmental considerations.

An investment in Neo Industrial's share is a good way of owning interesting non-listed companies with growth and value adding potential

Neo Industrial's leading investment segment is the future-looking cable industry

Electricity is the cleanest form of energy and its role in everyday life is constantly growing. Buildings of the future will be more and more energy efficient; when designed ideally they self-produce the electricity they consume and deliver the possible residual energy back to the power grid. Intelligent electrification and automation solutions control building and infrastructure technology and take care of the residents and the environment. Intelligent power grid ensures sufficient and interference-free distribution and use of electricity in all applications. It evens out the differences in consumption and production. By this way the volume of wind and solar energy can be increased significantly.

Neo Industrial’s Cable Segment includes the growing cable manufacturers Reka Cables Ltd  (100 % subsidiary) and Nestor Cables Ltd (22,94 % associated company). These companies develop high-quality cable products and solutions that are designed to withstand the demanding Northern weather conditions.