Strategy for 2018-2021

At the beginning of the 2018-2021 strategy period we will focus on developing our current cable business. Our goal is to strengthen Neo Industrial's solvency and financial position.

We aim to grow the cable business profitably by strengthening its competitiveness and competitive position in the Nordic countries, primarily within the limits allowed by the cable industry's own cash flow.

During the strategy period, Neo Industrial will seek to acquire 1-2 new majority-owned independent businesses in addition to the existing cable industry.

Financial targets and dividend for 2018–2021

Neo Industrial's goal is sustainable and profitable growth and increasing shareholder value.

We strive to strengthen our solvency and financial base from the current one, with a return on investment of 15-18% and an equity ratio of over 35%.

Our goal is to use at least 30% of our net profit to pay dividends. The amount of dividends distributed will be affected by Neo Industrial's potential profits, financial position, cash flows and working capital requirements.